Seattle pet care

The goal of Pet Nanny is to give your little dog a vacation as fun and relaxing as yours. And…way more fun than your business trip!

Unlike a crowded kennel with limited activities, play and human contact, our small furry guests are truly pampered.  Weather permitting, there are group trips to the park where our visitors enjoy playing ball, tag, feather-weight wrestling, and of course, lots of socializing.

Meals are prepared specifically for each individual visitor.  Please bring your small dog’s food and snacks with preparation and feeding instructions.

Seattle pet nanny

The evening routine includes indoor play and lots of lap time.  Then, prior to bedtime, each guest picks their own sleeping spot and the pet beds are moved around and fluffed up.

If you can receive email while you’re away, we will send photos of your little guy’s vacation!

Quick review of amenities:

  • Focus on small dogs (equal sized playtime companions)
  • Pick-up/drop-off available
  • Home care (no crates unless your pup likes to sleep in one)
  • Fresh air and exercise
  • Special meal instructions (BYOFood and we’ll fix it just so)
  • Lap time (lots of TLC, pets, and hugs)
  • Real time feedback (photos emailed or texted to you while you’re away)
  • Certified in Animal First Aid
  • Member of 2 Dog Walker associations

Seattle Greenwood area pet sitting