Welcome to Pet Nanny

Seattle small dog boardingDédé Harris “Pet Nanny” offers the highest level of in-home small dog boarding in the Sedona Verde Valley area.   Dédé’s home is a haven where a limited number of little dog guests rest, play and socialize.

While you’re off on your vacation or business trip, you can relax knowing that your best friend is having the time of his life in a warm homey environment filled with fun, companionship and tons of TLC.  It’s a vacation designed just for small dogs!  Just take a look at all the fun our small dogs have…

You already know that your little one requires special attention definitely not available in a crowded kennel or even from the typical pet sitter.  But here you’ll find little dogs are treated like royalty at a five-star hotel.  Pet beds are fluffed up and moved around until each guest is 100% satisfied.  Visitors are continuously choosing between playing, cuddling, eating and napping.  Parents can even receive email photos of their furry kid being spoiled rotten!  See all we do for our canine guests…

Guest must be non-aggressive and up to date on all vaccinations deemed necessary by your veterinarian.  Small-breed pups that are crate trained are also welcome.

Call or email today.  Early reservations are recommended as space is limited.

Also see the enrollment forms listed on the Contact page.